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There are many moving parts to consider when relocating, and your choice of moving partners can streamline the process. Whether you’re moving locally in Florida or relocating from afar, our experienced team at Allegiance Van Lines is here to make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We offer a commitment to exceptional customer service, a dedicated team of professional Florida movers, and a deep understanding of the processes when moving to Florida. We are your trusted partner from Port St. Lucie to Miami, offering a seamless and enjoyable moving experience.


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Florida boasts a selection of beautiful areas to live in, with something for everyone. While you focus on settling your family into your new home, we make sure that your belongings get there safely.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a picturesque coastal city in South Florida, boasting a high quality of life, complete with beautiful beaches, a year-round tropical climate, and a vibrant cultural scene. Boca Raton is known for its top-rated schools, making it an ideal choice for families to settle down.

The city’s thriving economy, with a focus on technology and finance, also attracts professionals seeking career opportunities. Not to mention Boca Raton’s range of shopping and dining options, which promise a bustling social scene. If you decide to make the highly sought-after destination your home, we can help you make the move.

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Coral Springs

Located in Broward County, Coral Springs is known for its safe, family-friendly environment. The city consistently ranks among the best places to live in Florida, with well-planned neighborhoods, excellent schools, and plenty of outdoor spaces for recreational activity.

Coral Springs offers a strong sense of community, with the convenience of easy access to major cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Get in touch when making the move to the welcoming city, and allow our professional movers to handle all of the logistics and heavy lifting.

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Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a highly sought-after destination along the southeastern coast of Florida, encouraging visitors and residents to enjoy stunning beaches, a vibrant cultural scene, and a thriving economy. As a major city, Fort Lauderdale offers a mix of urban infrastructure and natural beauty, welcoming families, professionals, and nature enthusiasts alike.

The tropical weather encourages outdoor activities, while the diverse neighborhoods promote various lifestyles. When it comes to relocating to (or from) Fort Lauderdale, you can trust our professional movers to simplify the process by managing the logistics, packing, and transporting your belongings. All you need to do is enjoy all that Fort Lauderdale offers.

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Miami is a magnet for people looking for an exciting and culturally rich urban experience. It is known for its stunning beaches, diverse communities, and vibrant nightlife. The city balances the social scene with its booming economy, particularly in the finance, technology, and entertainment sectors.

Our reliable movers are invaluable in streamlining the relocation process, handling the complexities of transporting your possessions, and ensuring a smooth transition. While we care for your belongings, you can immerse yourself in the bustling lifestyle that Miami offers.

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Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie has become an increasingly attractive destination on Florida’s scenic Treasure Coast. By offering a blend of affordability, natural beauty, and a relaxed coastal lifestyle, Port St. Lucie is a great place to live on the eastern coast of Florida.

Families and retirees enjoy the serene environment of unspoiled beaches, lush parks, and outdoor spaces. With affordable housing options and steady economic growth, relocating to Port St. Lucie is a great option — and we’re there to help you make the move. Take advantage of a hassle-free transition to the charming coastal community with Allegiance Van Lines.

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Moving Services In Florida

At Allegiance Van Lines, we take the hassle out of moving by offering the following services — so you can focus on settling into your new Florida home.

Oversized Moving Items

Our oversized moving services provide you with the convenience and peace of mind you need when dealing with large or cumbersome items. Whether you have oversized furniture, specialty equipment, or fragile items requiring extra care, we are ready to handle everything. Understanding the logistics and challenges of moving oversized items, we have the experience and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient transfer to your new location.

Nationwide Movers

Long-distance moves can be daunting, but our nationwide moving services make the process easy and stress-free. Our national moving services offer the ultimate convenience and flexibility for long-distance relocations. With our extensive network and experienced team, we ensure a smooth transition and experience. Trusting our nationwide services ensures timely delivery, comprehensive logistics, and a single point of contact throughout your move across Florida.

Storage Services

The timeline of moving home can be unpredictable, and the move-in and move-out dates don’t always align. In other instances, you may need a secure place to store your belongings during a renovation or while downsizing. We offer a safe and convenient solution, providing a space to keep your possessions safe. With added flexibility, you can confidently plan your move, knowing that you have 30 days of free storage. We also offer a range of different-sized units for longer periods, available at cost-effective rates.

Packing And Supplies

Packing and moving boxes can be exhausting, made even more overwhelming when you realize that you’ve run out of bubble wrap or tape. We sell a wide range of packing supplies and offer packing services, freeing up time for you to focus on the more important tasks.

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