The Benefits Of Moving In State

moving in state

Moving can be a stressful experience. Few people realize just how much they actually own until it’s time to pack it all in boxes and haul it from one location to another. It can be overwhelming, and perhaps you don’t know where to start in order to prepare.

Fortunately, if your move is within the same state, or perhaps across town, there are many factors that make it easier than long-distance moves. The best part is that you don’t have to prepare for your in-state move by yourself: Allegiance Van Lines, LLC is one of South Florida’s most trusted names in the moving business. We have a solid reputation for professionalism and efficiency, moving your belongings from one home to another with utmost care.

Read on to learn more about the uniqueness of moving in-state, and how Allegiance Van Lines can help.

Benefits Of Hiring Local Movers For In-State Relocation

Allegiance Van Lines has helped many Florida residents with their moves, within the state and beyond. However, there are benefits to using a company that is local to the region.

For starters, our local movers have great familiarity with the local routes and neighborhoods. We don’t have to rely on Google Maps as heavily as non-local moving companies might. Therefore, we are aware of the fastest and most efficient ways of getting from one home to another. This is important when carrying a truck full of your most treasured belongings.

If the moving day is rainy, perhaps, we can avoid highways and other high-traffic areas that might slow us down. We’ll know which roads to avoid that may be at risk of flooding or other weather-related dangers. Our ease of coordination and response times in such situations are quick and efficient.

The Cost Efficiency Of In-State Moving

Moving can be expensive. Many people who would like to move, don’t, because the moving costs are so prohibitive. But in-state moves are the most budget-friendly in the following ways:

Less Distance

Quite obviously, there is less distance involved when moving from one point of the state to another, as opposed to crossing state lines. Moving companies determine their charges in part based on the number of miles they have to travel. There is also the cost of gas to consider, which can vary from state by state. The cost of distance also depends on whether the routes include tolls or not. These roads are less likely to be encountered when moving within the same state.

Less Volume

Moving within a shorter distance could mean that there is less for movers to pack in the truck, resulting in reduced costs. Some furniture or other items can be harnessed to the roof of your own car, for example, when traveling at certain speeds on less crowded roads. However, that same setup may not be ideal – or safe – when traveling at high speeds across interstate highways when moving to another state.

In addition, it’s much easier for family members to tolerate cramped space in the car from packed belongings when the distance is short. That can’t be said for moves across state lines that could take several hours or days. In that circumstance, it may be more beneficial to pack more in the moving truck than in your own vehicle.

Packing Tips For Short-Distance Moves

Packing for any type of move can be overwhelming, but when the move is a relatively short distance, it’s less daunting. Here are a few tips to get started:

Identify Which Items Can Be Moved Yourself

Smaller items can be packed on your own if they can fit safely within your own vehicle. Think suitcases full of clothes, or a few cardboard boxes of books in the trunk. Obviously, you can’t move the sofa or large-screen TV in your vehicle, as this could be dangerous (and they won’t fit anyway).

Keep in mind that you’ll need a change of clothes on moving day, and you’ll probably want to have a few daily items on hand for getting ready for the day (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.). Remember to keep medications with you rather than packed away, as you won’t want to be looking for those later when you need to take them.

Make Small Trips Before The Big Day

When you are moving within a reasonable driving distance from the place you currently live, you can make one or two trips per week with a box or two. This may not work for every move, however, depending on the closing process, and how long the previous owners will still be there.

Moving In-State? Call Allegiance Van Lines In South Florida


If you’re moving within the same state, having professional help can alleviate much of the stress and ensure a smooth transition. Allegiance Van Lines is just the company to help. We have a track record of safely transporting furniture and other belongings with the same care we would show to our own property. Our team takes precautions to ensure nothing is scratched or damaged, whether we’re packing boxes or moving couches and shelves around difficult corners. We come equipped with special rugs and other packing materials to protect walls and floors, not just the furniture, and to help prevent injuries during the move.

Additionally, our team members are trained in lifting, loading, transportation, and unloading practices. See why so many Floridians choose Allegiance Van Lines as their top company for moving within Florida.

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