How To Pack Your Car For A Long Distance Move

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Did you know that approximately 3 million people move interstate in the US annually? Additionally, its believed that 9.8% of Americans move every year, and an estimated 650,00 people use professional movers like Allegiance Van Lines.

Since long-distance moving involves a lot of stress, it’s best to plan every little detail, including how you will pack your car. Mapping out how to pack your vehicle in advance for a long-distance move will minimize your stress and curtail any unwelcome surprises. To ensure your long-distance trip continues without a hitch, the experts at Allegiance Van Lines have put together this informative packing guide.

Long-Distance Moving By Car 101

Who doesn’t want to lessen their long-distance moving anxiety by being as prepared as they can be? It might not seem like it, but the simple task of packing your vehicle correctly can save you a headache along the route to your new residential destination.

Here are some helpful tips on how to pack correctly for a successful long-distance move by car.

Don’t Pack Fragile Or Large Items In Your Car

If you don’t want to damage your possessions or car, you should avoid packing fragile or oversized items in your vehicle.

For long-distance moves, it’s often best to hire a moving service that specializes in transporting fragile items. This is especially true if you hate the idea of ending up with a trunk full of broken or shattered glasses, vases, decorations, and family heirlooms.

Additionally, large and cumbersome items could overburden your vehicle or obstruct your field of vision, leading to accidents, injuries, and damages. To avoid endangering your safety, let a moving company haul your goods. Pack your car with smaller, safer items instead.

Clean Your Vehicle Before Packing It

To pack your car correctly for a long-distance move, you must ensure it’s clean. This means you must empty it of all unnecessary items and all trash thrown away. With a clean car, you will have a much better idea of how much space you have for the possessions you want to transport in your vehicle. You’ll be surprised to see how much storage space you actually have just by removing some extra belongings.

Avoid Packing Dangerous Items In Your Car

It’s essential not to pack dangerous items in your vehicle while you travel long distances. In fact, doing so could be a recipe for disaster.

According to moving experts at Allegiance Van Lines, you should avoid packing flammable items, as well as chemical products as these could cause a fire or explosion. These substances could spill and accidentally poison you, or dampen or muddle your senses, leading to an accident.

You should avoid packing lighter fluid, gas, household cleaning products, and aerosols when moving a long distance in your car. If you do have to pack these things, ensure you take extra precautions to keep them safely stowed away, or hire a moving truck to move these possessions

Long-Distance Moving Services In South Florida

A long-distance move doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan ahead. Additionally, with the help of an expert moving company like Allegiance Van Lines, you can focus on what matters.

While you take care of the final details, we focus on moving your possessions safely to your new home. To learn more about our moving service offerings and how we can assist you with your long-distance move, call us today at (561) 210-5120.