Long Distance Moving Tips

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Getting ready for a long-distance move is a huge undertaking, but you can make it easier by hiring a reputable long distance moving company. We’ll give you some advice on choosing the right moving company, preparing for your move, and executing it smoothly

Planning and Packing​​​​​​

The planning and packing phases are two of the most important parts of your move. A sensible plan with a realistic timeline will set you up for success. We recommend setting reminders to tackle certain details of the move over time, prioritizing the most time-sensitive aspects first

Properly organizing and packing your belongings is essential for any move, but it becomes even more important in a long-distance move because your belongings will be traveling a much farther distance and more distance creates more opportunities for something to go wrong.

​​​​​​Make a list of all your belongings so that you will have a convenient way to ensure everything has arrived at your new location

Get measurements of each room in your new house or apartment to ensure that all your furniture will fit. This will also allow you to plan where each piece of furniture will go ahead of time

Sell, donate, and/or throw away anything you won’t need or want in your new home. Keeping clothes you don’t wear or items you won’t use will just add unnecessary costs to your moving estimate and clutter your new home

Don’t let essential items you will need at the beginning of your move get mixed in with the things you can live without for a bit. Pack one or two boxes that you will open first. Include phone and device chargers, cookware, and other necessities. Also, pack a suitcase with a week’s worth of clothes and other toiletries or personal items

Be careful with fragile items. Wrap them in bubble wrap or paper, pack them together, and clearly label the boxes as fragile, so the movers know to be extra careful

Updating Important Documents​​​​​​

You may need to update things like your driver’s license and car registration ahead of your move. Be sure to allow enough time for the changes to be processed so everything will be in line in time.

​​​​​​Choosing a Long-Distance Moving Company​​​​​​

Don’t just go with the first moving company you find whose rates you can afford. You should get in-home estimates from at least three moving companies specializing in long-distance moving, and you should schedule these appointments at least four weeks before your move.​​​​​​

Have a list of furniture you will be moving and have everything organized as far as what you will and will not be taking with you. Also, be sure to let the moving company representative know if you have anything in your garage, attic, closets, or other areas that can be easily overlooked.​​​​​​

Doing an in-home estimate will help each moving company give you the most accurate estimate. But don’t just pay attention to the estimates. The representative’s timeliness, politeness, professionalism, and ability to answer your questions are also important. You don’t want to hire a company whose crew will be late or careless with your belongings.​​​​​​

You can also consult online reviews and testimonials to see which provides the most consistently reliable service.​​​​​​

Buying Moving Insurance​​​​​​

Meet with your home and auto insurance agents to discuss what your policies do and do not cover during a move.​​​​​​

The moving company may offer a basic insurance policy, but you may want to beef up your coverage if you have many valuable items.​​​​​​

Checking The Truck​​​​​​

When the truck is loaded, take the list you made of all the belongings that need to be moved and go through the moving truck and make sure everything is there. If any items are missing, they can be found before the movers leave. This ensures that nothing gets left behind.​​​​​​

Allegiance Van Lines Can Get You Moving​​​​​​

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