Moving Out Of State Checklist

Long Distance Moving

Moving out of state is a big endeavor andcan be both exciting and stressful at the same time. To ensure a successful move to another state, it’s important to plan well ahead of time. That;s why it’s essential to create a moving-out-of-state checklist.
​​​​​​Here are some tips from professional movers that will make your long-distance move smoother and less stressful.

Make a Moving Budget

Before you start packing boxes and loading them into the moving truck, you need to set up a moving budget. Estimate your moving costs by creating an itemized list of all the expenses associated with your move, such as renting the moving truck, hiring professional movers, buying packing supplies, etc. If you’re not sure where to begin, use an online moving cost calculator to help you plan better and cover all of your moving expenses.

When you have a completed list, add 10% of the total onto it. That way, you already accounted for more than you originally thought in case something comes up. Most people worry about extra or hidden expenses when they move. Slightly increasing the budget gives you a buffer of extra funds that you can rely on if you run into extra costs.

Get to Know Your New Community

Doing your research on the community you’re relocating to is an essential step in planning for your move out of state. Learn about its culture, population size, recreational activities available in the area, job opportunities, housing market prices, and schools in your new neighborhood—all these details will give you more insight into what life in this new city or state will look like for you and your family.

Visit Your New State and City Before Moving

If possible, visit your new state and city before making the big move across state lines. Take some time to explore its neighborhoods and get a feel for the atmosphere of each one. This way, you’ll know where best suits your needs before settling down there permanently.

If possible, arrange meetings with local people who can provide more insight into their experiences living there. This helps make sure that it’s truly the right place for you before making any serious commitments.

Research The Best Out-Of-State Moving Companies

When planning an out-of-state move, it’s important to hire reliable movers who have experience with long-distance moves like yours. Take some time researching reputable companies near where you live now as well as near where you’re relocating so that they can assist with the different parts of your journey. Have they moved other clients from your starting and ending destination before? What do their online reviews say.

While researching companies, also look into added insurance costs or offers that those companies have. There is always the chance that your stuff could be lost or damaged in the move so choosing a company that offers insurance coverage for your belongings is important.

Order Moving Supplies

You’ll likely need several types of supplies when preparing for an out-of-state move: boxes, tape guns, tape rolls, bubble wrap, packing paper, mattress bags, furniture pads to protect large pieces, and markers. Make sure all these items are ordered well ahead of time so they arrive at least two days prior to when packing begins. You don’t want to have to worry about trying to find supplies at the last minute.

Decluttering Your Home

When preparing for any big move such as this one – it’s always best practice to go through all belongings beforehand and decide what should be kept vs discarded or donated. Doing so not only reduces clutter but also makes packing much easier, too. Many people declutter as a part of selling their home. However, if you’re a renter, you may not have needed to do this.

Plan Extra Time for Packing

Packing often takes longer than expected, even if done by out of state movers. Plan to start early. Begin with nonessential items such as books or decorations first; then work toward essentials like toiletries and kitchenware closer to moving day. This way you can get an early start to packing and you won’t accidentally pack up items that you need to use everyday until the move.

Confirm Details With Your Moving Company

Before committing fully to any particular mover or company – make sure all details have been discussed thoroughly, including estimated delivery dates (plus time frames), insurance policies offered, and general customer service expectations. A few days before the scheduled move, touch base with your out of state movers to confirm all of the details. Delays in other moving jobs or changing weather and road conditions could potentially impact the date of your move. It is a good idea to confirm.

Make Travel Plans

Whether flying or driving, you need to set up travel plans between your old home and new residence. Take into account traffic patterns and annual weather conditions when making arrangements as well. For instance, the peak of hurricane season in South Florida takes place in September and October. When planning moves during this period, it is important to be more flexible, as dates might need to shift slightly.

Say Your Farewells

Don’t forget about saying goodbye properly to people important to you. Plan to schedule farewell gatherings or dinners with close friends and family members prior leaving town. This way, you will feel better about the move and everyone will have the opportunity to say goodbye.

Keep Key Valuables and Documents with You

Don’t forget about bringing along documents such as birth certificates, passports, ID cards, and marriage licenses. You should keep these documents with you so that they will stay safe throughout entire trip instead being stored away inside boxes themselves. The same applies to heirloom jewelry and laptops.

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