How Do I Make a Long Distance Move Easier?

long distance moving

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering or are in the process of making a long-distance move. Where to start and how to move quickly are among the top questions you may be asking. It can be a daunting task, but with some organization and forethought, it can be much easier than you think.

At Allegiance Van Lines LLC, we know a thing or two about makinglong-distance movingeasier. We’ve compiled this simplified guide of six tips to help make your move easier and, best of all, a little less stressful!

1. Plan ahead

You know what they say—prior planning prevents poor performance. Long-distance moving is no exception. Plan by researching moving companies, gathering quotes, and choosing which moving and storage options are right for your situation.

Other planning considerations include evaluating what items to leave behind, pack, or place in storage. Some call this stage the great purge since many donate or dispose of items before a big move.

It may sound unnecessary but creating a plan, ahead of time, will save lots of hassle later.

2. Gather supplies

Professional moving companies provide boxes, tape, and packing paper, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra on hand for items you may be moving into storage.

Other supplies include purchasing specialty items like plastic tubs/bins or plastic bags for storing smaller items such as jewelry. Don’t forget to consider extra snacks and drinks to keep after household items have been packed.

3. Do the prep work

Prep work before packing day of a big move can save time and a lot of stress. It includes removing and properly discarding un-shippable items like chemicals, paint, and aerosols.

Also, consider removing curtains, blinds, photos, and wall hangings. A little prep work goes a long way to make packing and loading days more efficient all the way around.

4. Hardware box

Imagine getting to your new home after a few weeks on the road, unpacking your California King size bed, and then not being able to locate the hardware to put it back together. So much for new home sweet dreams.

To help alleviate this mishap, designate one box as a hardware (or parts) box when packing. The hardware box (or boxes) is a great place to store all furniture hardware, remote controls, and/or window treatment brackets, etc.

5. Inventory and labeling

Imagine unpacking the kitchen at a new location, but every box you open is full of shoes. Frustrating thought, huh?

This is why labeling and inventory are necessary for all kinds of moves. Make sure to examine and check inventory sheets on both loading and unloading days. Don’t forget to keep track of the inventory sheets, too.

6. Pack a suitcase with essentials

Long-distance moves often mean spending a few days or weeks without your household goods shipment. Before moving day, separate your essentials and pack them in suitcases or plastic bins. It can be helpful to load the essential containers into your vehicle on moving day to avoid an accidental mix-up. Or consider designating one room as a do not pack area.

Trust the experts at Allegiance Van Lines LLC

Moving is a huge undertaking, whether across town or the country, but with careful planning and execution, it can be done relatively easily and without too much stress. You can count on our team of experts to help.

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on moving families efficiently and safely nationwide. Our professional team provides wrapping and packing of all furniture, and we disassemble and reassemble. We use padding and shrink wrap to ensure the protection of your items.

In addition, we provide local and long-distance relocation services, specialty packing and unpacking, and fragile and unique items packing. Request a free long-distance moving quote today!