How Do I Protect My Furniture For Relocation?

furniture relocation

Moving is an expensive and stressful event for most people. In addition to cost, many homeowners and renters worry about their possessions. It is not uncommon for possessions to become damaged during a move. It is easy for fabrics to rip, glass to break, and wood to get scratched in the process. When moving items, it is important to pack and transport them carefully to minimize the risk of damage.

You can take some basic steps to protect your items during your next furniture relocation. Taking precautions and preparing for your move can make the moving process much less stressful.

Wrapping Furniture for Relocation

Wrapping blankets can help protect them from getting dirty during a move. Even if they get dropped, the wrapping provides a barrier, keeping your cloth items free of dirt and mud. Wrapping is also effective for wood items, such as coffee tables. This is especially beneficial around sharp corners. The wrapping protects the table, but it helps protect other items from damage upon contact. Glass furniture should be wrapped more securely with more layers or with heavier wrapping material.

Packing Furniture Securely

How furniture is packed into a moving van or truck is equally as important as how it is wrapped. Experienced movers know how to organize items to reduce the risk of damage. No one wants their possessions falling off a truck or banging into each other during transport. Packing furniture tightly so it cannot move around freely will help keep your possessions safe. Being cautious not to overpack a moving vehicle is also important. Forcefully cramming items into a container or vehicle increases the risk of damage during furniture relocation.

Storing Your Furniture

You might need to store your furniture before transporting it to your new home. Researching the best storage options before choosing a facility is a must for keeping your items safe. Storage spaces should be secure, granting only you access to their contents. They should also appear clean and free of rodents and insects.

But even the cleanest of storage spaces can fall victim to wild creatures. That is why it is important for homeowners and renters to consider how furniture is stored. Mice, rats, and other wild animals like to nest in sofas and mattresses. Cloth items should be wrapped securely to discourage wild animals from chewing or nesting. Moving is expensive enough without having to replace furniture because of infestation.

Planning For Your Move

Proper planning for your move will help the process go smoothly and helps prevent any unwanted surprises. It is important for movers to know which and how many items they need to move beforehand. It will allow them to accurately determine how much space, packing materials, and movers are necessary for your furniture relocation. Not having enough wrapping materials could mean a delay in your move. Or worse, it could leave your possessions without the protection they need. Experienced moving companies can estimate the size of a moving vehicle, supplies, and how many movers you need to relocate your items safely and efficiently.

Experts in Furniture Relocation

We know moving is a stressful time and our crews at Allegiance Van Lines are here to help make it as smooth as possible. We offer nationwide expert and reliable moving services. Every item is wrapped and packed securely, so you can feel confident they will arrive at your new home in the same condition you left them. Contact our expert movers today to see how we can help with your furniture relocation.