What To Do With Appliances For A Cross Country Move

cross country move

Many things are on your to-do list when preparing for a cross-country move. One thing often overlooked until the last minute is what to do with your appliances. Consider these tips from the experts about preparing, packing, and loading your appliances for a cross-country move.

Cross-Country Moving With Appliances: What To Know

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of making a big move. You’ll want to start preparing ahead of time, so the big day goes as smoothly as possible. Following these tips will help:

Don’t Skip Preparation

It’s easy to become caught up in the hustle of making a big move. Gather supplies for the move ahead of time so you can be prepared in the end. Items to consider include:

  • Moving dolly
  • Moving straps
  • Blankets    

A moving dolly is the best and safest way to move heavy furniture items and appliances. It can minimize potential damage to appliances or furniture and damage to doorways, drywall, or driveways. Moving straps can be helpful in limited spaces like laundry rooms where a dolly may not fit. They work by equally distributing the weight of a heavy item, thus allowing two people to lift more than they normally could.

An experienced moving company will come prepared with these items, plus specially designed packing paper, shrink wrap, and floor runners to make any move easier.

Moving The Washer And Dryer

Arguably, the appliances requiring the most prep work for a cross-country move are the washer and dryer. Most dryers require the same prep work, but washing machines vary depending on the type.

Make sure the lint screen is cleaned and properly secured for a dryer. Disconnect from the outlet and remove the power cord to avoid unnecessary accidents during transport. Disconnect the dryer lint hose and clean out any visible lint from the back of the dryer. The lint hose and the power cord can be stored inside the dryer during transport.

Washing machine prep for a cross-country move depends on the type. The power cord and hoses must be disconnected whether you have a front load or a top load washer. After this, top load machines are ready to be loaded onto the truck, but front load washing machines should have the drum stabilized with shipping bolts. If you no longer have the shipping bolts that came with the washer, you can order new ones ahead of the move to ensure the washer stays upright during transport.


Before moving a refrigerator cross country, all the food must be removed. The freezer should be defrosted ahead of time, and all glass shelving should be removed before loading. Don’t forget to disconnect the water line and empty the ice bin.

Stove And Oven

The oven and stovetop may have a lot of parts. For a gas range, ensure the grates and oven racks are removed and stored in a separate moving box before disconnecting from the gas line. For an electric stovetop and oven, ensure the stove is clean, the oven racks are removed, and the stove is wrapped in moving blankets.


Remove the glass turntable and pack it in a separate moving box. Most microwaves can be packed in moving boxes, but it’s important to wrap them securely in blankets with heavy packing paper.

Trust The Experts With Your Appliances

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