The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Reliable Moving Company

moving company

Hiring an excellent moving company can free you from stress to enjoy the excitement of moving into a new place. Getting the right people on the job reduces the number of decisions you need to make, how much heavy lifting you have to do, and gives you peace of mind about the safety of your belongings. The trick to an easy move is to find the right company.

So, if you’re facing the daunting task of packing up your home to move, here is our guide to help you find a moving company that will reduce stress, not add to it.

Figure Out What You Need

Before looking for a moving company, get a good understanding of your moving needs. Are you planning on packing your belongings yourself, or do you need help? Will you organize your own packing materials, or should the moving company provide them?

How many delicate or bulky items do you have? These can include things like heirloom china, enormous antique paintings, gym equipment, or awkward, heavy instruments such as pianos.

Getting your must-haves clear in your mind will help you recognize the moving company that can meet those needs.

Research Potential Companies

A quick internet search should bring up a list of potential moving companies in your area. With your list in hand, you can narrow it down to those who you can trust with your belongings. To do that, read up on what services each company offers. Some of the options may include:

  • Local and long-distance moving options whether you’re moving within the same city, inter-state, or across the US.
  • Storage facilities for your belongings if there’s a delay before you’re able to move in.
  • Moving supplies such as boxes, packaging tape, and a labeling system.
  • Junk removal for those items you simply don’t want to haul along with you to the new house.
  • Packing and wrapping services to prevent damage to your belongings and the property as things are moved around.
  • Plans for oversized items that include how they are prepared, packed, and loaded on the truck.

Find Out About Visual Surveys

If you think about it, a company can only provide an accurate quote if they have walked through your home and taken note of each item that needs to be moved. During a walk-through, they’ll identify any items that may be trickier to move, such as fragile glass cabinets or other high-risk items, which will be factored into their quote.

A visual survey also ensures they have the right tools and packing materials on hand for moving day. It gives the team time to plan how to pack your belongings into the truck securely to minimize the possibility of damage.

Ask About Extra Charges

Some situations may cause moving companies to charge extra. This includes moving from (or into) a double-story home or an apartment. This often requires movers to climb many stairs or navigate your belongings in and out of an elevator. If the home you’re moving from or into is down a narrow street that their moving van won’t fit down, they may charge extra to move your belongings into a smaller truck for collection or delivery. Some moving companies may call these charges specialty services, so make sure to inquire about their policies.

Other Questions To Ask

When you’ve narrowed down your options, asking these questions will help you recognize an average moving company from the one you’re happy to trust:

  1. How long has the company been operating?
  2. What licenses do you have?
  3. Do you offer insurance for my belongings?
  4. Do you have a cancelation policy?
  5. What precautions do you take to avoid damage to my possessions?
  6. What happens if my goods go missing or get damaged?
  7. Do I need to pay a deposit?
  8. Do you have the right moving equipment that my property requires?
  9. Can I read reviews of your company online?
  10. What can I do to make moving day run more smoothly?

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