Tips On Move Planning

man performing move planning

Moving house is considered one of life’s most stressful events. To ease the stress, the move needs to be planned carefully. Having a to-do list is the vital first step to planning any move. Here are 10 things to put on your list that will ensure the move goes according to plan.

10 Tips To Planning A Move

The first step to planning any move is creating a to-do list. Apart from assisting you in organizing your thoughts, the sense of satisfaction you get as you tick off completed tasks gives you the motivation to keep going. 10 things to include on this list are:

Notify Relevant Parties Of Change Of Address

This list should include among others:

  • The bank
  • The post office
  • Your contacts
  • Your utility suppliers
  • All your subscriptions.   

Find Professional Movers

If you decide to use a professional moving company, make sure you choose wisely. Questions to ask before hiring include:

  • What will they charge? Ensure you get the estimate in writing.
  • Do they supply packing boxes, or must you supply them?
  • Will they pack or must you do so?
  • Are their dates flexible or will they be adding your items to an existing load?
  • Are they insured? If so, what does their insurance cover?   

Source Packing Boxes

If you are going to be packing your items yourself, you need to source good, sturdy boxes and packing materials. This does not need to be an expensive exercise. Most department stores will be happy to put aside boxes and packing materials, such as bubble wrap, for you. But don’t risk leaving this to the last minute: start collecting boxes early. When getting second-hand boxes, ensure that:

  • They have not stored frozen food, as they may be wet or smell bad.
  • They are not stained or have water damage.
  • You get a variety of sizes.   

Pack Items You Will Not Be Using

Label the boxes well. Correct box labeling will ensure they are put into the correct place in your new home, making unpacking easier. Give yourself enough time to pack breakables and valuable items carefully. Don’t leave packing for the last few days: only essential items should be left until then.

Purge A Little Every Day

Choose a room at a time and get rid of all unwanted articles. There are a lot of charities and homeless shelters where you can donate unwanted items. If you use Facebook, chances are there is a “Buy Nothing” group in your city, where neighbors may be interested in the items you no longer want. 

Clean/Paint Your New Home

This must be done a few days before the move. It will be much easier to do when the home is empty before it’s filled up with furniture. 

Use Up Your Food At Home

Try to plan menus with what you have in the home, or order takeout for the last few days before moving. It will mean less packing or getting rid of perishables on the day.

Arrange Travel Plans

Don’t leave booking flights or bus tickets to the last minute. Arrange to get to your new home before the movers and meet them when they arrive.

Arrange Childcare And Pet Sitters For Moving Day

You will be a lot less stressed without children and animals underfoot.

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