Oversized Moving Items

If you’re planning to move anytime soon, you may feel overwhelmed by the long to-do list. There is much to consider, like decluttering, gathering packing supplies, cleaning, travel arrangements, and much more. And by the way, how will you move that heavy china cabinet? What about the huge, high-value antique painting?

Hiring a professional company is always best, especially when it comes to handling oversized moving items.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Moving Company

The benefits of having a professional moving company are endless, especially when it comes to heavy or oversized moving items. A moving company will have the necessary experience to handle an oversized item, which can prevent injury.

They’ll have the proper tools like a piano board, four-wheel dolly, moving straps, appliance dolly, or pallet jack you probably don’t have on hand. Plus, professional moving companies are the industry experts. They can answer your questions regarding best packing practices and plan for a long-distance move.

At Allegiance Van Lines, we know how to handle oversized moving items and everything in between.

Some oversized moving items a professional company can help with include:
  • Pianos
  • Garage gym weight sets
  • Workout equipment
  • Heavy furniture
  • Front load washer/dryer
  • Appliances
  • Grills and smokers
  • Storage sheds
  • High-value antiques
  • Fragile art and pottery

Visual Surveys

One of the most important steps when moving is preparation. A visual survey is the first step in preparing for the actual move day. These surveys assess the contents of your home. We’ll take note of oversized moving items so we have the proper amount of packing materials and tools on hand. Plus, the visual survey lets our team plan how and when to move items to the truck.

Storage Options

In some situations, oversized moving items are put into storage until you’re ready for them at the new location. Allegiance Van Lines offers portable storage containers and self-storage units with contactless options.

Packing Services

Oversized moving items can often require different types of packing considerations. For example, odd-shaped items such as a piano will be packed differently than a rectangle-shaped dresser.

How items are loaded and arranged in the truck is as important as how they are packed and prepared. Oversized moving items are carefully moved and loaded using straps, a furniture dolly, a ramp, or a stair roller. Thanks to the visual survey, we’ll know when it’s time to place oversized moving items into the truck. Each box and larger items are placed into the truck carefully to avoid damage from jostling or falling.

Depending on the oversized moving item shape and destination, our professional team may also use well-packed crates for the move.

Wrapping Services

Once the survey is completed before the big move, we’ll come prepared with all the necessary materials. Wrapping and packing is the first step in protecting and preparing oversized items on a moving day. First, floors are protected with padded floor runners to prevent potential damage. Then, oversized moving items are wrapped with moving blankets, packing paper, plastic, or shrink wrap. This is a two-fold safety measure. It protects large items and prevents damage to hallways, corners, or doorways.

Oversized Moving Item Experience You Can Trust

Allegiance Van Lines is a family-owned and operated moving company you can depend on. We are committed to moving America safely, one family at a time. 

We have over 10 years of experience in local and long-distance relocation and specialty packing/unpacking. Allegiance Van Lines also specializes in fine art and fragile or unique item packing and moving services. 

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