Tips On How To Pack For Storage


Packing for storage isn’t as simple as packing your belongings and hoping you won’t have to return for another six months. You need to be strategic and use every inch of space available to you. An organized storage unit will ensure that you can get back your stuff quickly and with minimal hassle when the time comes. Here are some tips on how to pack for storage so that everything stays organized and easily accessible when you need it again.

Decide What to Put into Storage

When you’re ready to store your belongings, you’ll need to decide what items to store. Think about what you need to keep and what you can live without for a while. Long-term storage is perfect for items you don’t need right now but want to keep safe. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to pay for the storage space and prepare your items for storage before putting them away, which includes moving them. You may want to declutter some items since you may not find them worth the expense. The best way to do this includes creating a plan for moving.

Invest in Good Quality Storage Containers

If you need to store belongings for any length of time, it’s important to get proper storage containers. Boxes designed for storage are sturdier than regular packing boxes and will better protect your belongings during the duration of the storage period. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough storage space. Depending on your storage, you may need several storage boxes. When packing your items, be sure to pack them securely and label each box, so you know what’s inside. This will make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Clean the Storage Unit Thoroughly First

If you’re packing for storage, be sure to clean the storage unit thoroughly first. This will help keep your belongings clean and free of dust while in storage. When renting a storage unit, ask the facility manager what the best way to clean the unit is before you move your things in.

Strategically Place Items

When you are putting items into a storage unit, it is important to be strategic about how you store them. You want to make sure that everything fits inside and is easily accessible. Therefore, it is best to put the larger items towards the back and the smaller items towards the front. You should also store your belongings in such a way that they are easy to find. This way, when you need to retrieve something from storage, you will not have to search through everything.

Clean and Vacuum Your Personal Items

If you are planning to store your belongings in a storage unit, it is important to clean and vacuum them first. This will help protect your belongings from dust and dirt while they are in storage. For instance, a small trace amount of mold could become a big problem in storage if it isn’t cleaned off first. Plus, it will make it easier to retrieve them when you need them.

Create an Inventory List

An inventory list is a document that lists all the items that are inside a storage unit. To create an inventory list, you will need to put all the items into storage and then write down what each item is and where it is located inside the storage unit. This is important so you can easily find the items when needed.

Contact a South Florida Moving Company

Packing for storage can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure what storage unit you have or how much space you must work with. There are a variety of different storage units out there. The trick is figuring out which one best suit your needs and coming up with a strategy for packing accordingly. If you need help moving items to your storage unit, contact Allegiance Van Lines, a trustworthy South Florida moving company, by calling (561) 210-5120.