Moving FAQ;s: Pricing & Paperwork


Moving is a big event and requires a lot of planning. Knowing how much your move will cost and what is involved will better prepare you for this big change. Reputable moving companies will provide you with quotes and paperwork for you to fill out and review.

Moving companies are required to administer certain paperwork. If your company does not do this, consider it a red flag. Here are some additional factors you’ll see in moving paperwork:

Moving Cost Estimates

It is important that you and your moving company are on the same page when it comes to costs. They will provide you with an estimate based on your specific circumstances. As these quotes are only estimates, your final amount due can differ.

A Binding Estimate

A binding estimate is calculated based on the costs of your required services. While it is a fairly accurate estimate, the final amount can change under certain circumstances. If movers run into surprises or you request additional services, these costs will be added to your final bill.

A Non-Binding Estimate

Non-binding estimates are calculated by weight. Your items are weighed on a truck, and the weight is used to formulate a quote. Prices for other necessary services are added to this quote.

Paying A Deposit

The company you choose might ask you to pay a deposit before your scheduled pick-up day. This reserves the time slot and team members needed to transport your items. Some businesses allow for a refund if you change your mind.

Factors That Influence Pricing

Moving companies take several factors into account when pricing the total cost of services. How much space your items take up, the weight of your items, and the distance of the move can all significantly impact your costs. If your load is larger or heavier than anticipated, movers will add additional costs to your estimate.

Likewise, if you request additional services, such as unpacking or utilizing storage spaces, some companies will charge extra fees. Others might offer free storage spaces and other services without additional costs.

Required Paperwork

Movers are required to provide customers with certain documents. While it might seem like a lot of paperwork, and perhaps even an inconvenience, these regulations are in place to benefit and protect you.

Order For Service

An order for service provides you with important information regarding your moving services order. It will highlight pickup and delivery dates, ordered services, optional add-ons, and cost estimates.

Bill Of Landing

The bill of landing is a contract that contains essential information you should understand and agree to before moving forward. In addition to payment terms and delivery dates, your bill of landing will identify any liability your mover assumes.

Keeping Track Of Your Items

You will want to make sure that all your items reach their destination. To ensure this, moving companies might provide you with an inventory of goods. This list should contain all the items your moving company is moving from your old location to your new one. It is a good idea to review the inventory list thoroughly so that nothing is missed.

Finding A Reputable Moving Company In South Florida

Reputable moving services will ensure you are provided with the most accurate estimates and all the paperwork required to protect your assets. Allegiance Van Lines has been a trusted moving company for more than 10 years. Our team can help you every step of the way, from planning your move to offering storage options.

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