Tips For Packing Your Home On A Budget

budget packing

Relocating can be exciting and daunting at the same time. The prospect of a new adventure can quickly be clouded by the stress that goes into moving. One of the biggest stressors can be the budget. Uprooting all your belongings can cost more than you think. The good news is that there are many workarounds when it comes to packing.

Here are some tips to help with packing on a budget:

Use Free Moving Boxes

Packaging can be expensive. But if you’re willing to put some effort in, you’ll be able to acquire free boxes for your move. All you have to do is identify a few big box stores and approach a manager. If you explain your situation, chances are they’ll be able to set aside some used boxes. Try searching Facebook for a local “Buy Nothing” group (type “Buy nothing” + your city name in the search bar) to find extra boxes or packing materials.

Remember to check out other helpful tips if you’re packing for storage, as this has special requirements.

Use Garbage Bags For Budget Packing

Not only are they cheap, but they’re also waterproof. This makes them a great option for wet climates. Garbage bags are an easy way to pack your clothes and other soft items. It might not be the neatest way of packaging, but they’re the most affordable budget packing option available.

Hold A Garage Sale

Relocating is a great opportunity to declutter your space. We all have items that we don’t need and might as well sell. The less stuff that you have to move, the less it will cost. A garage sale can help you sustainably get rid of unused and unwanted stuff. You never know some of your unwanted items may fetch a higher price than you realize.

You could also sell some items online, whether on Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, or ebay. Want to pay it forward? Consider donating some of your old items to homeless shelters (call ahead first to see what items they will accept).

Use Egg Cartons For Cushioning

Egg cartons are designed to protect eggs, so they’ll also help protect your delicate items. Line them against the walls of your boxes for that added protection. Egg cartons will help keep plates and cups secure in your boxes. Don’t have enough egg boxes? Older clothes will also do a good job of cushioning.

Pack With Recycled Paper

Recycled packing paper will make your move more budget-friendly. Think old magazines, junk mail, and telephone books. All these can be packed to help cushion your fragile items. Don’t forget about your towels, either. They will need to go on the move, so why not use them to help cushion along the way?

Always Use A Reputable Mover

Be sure to use a reputable mover that takes the best care of your valuable belongings. They’ll ensure that everything is packed properly and will arrive safely at its destination. A reputable mover will offer a range of moving services to make your move as easy as possible. How do you know if the company you’re considering is a good mover? Check their Google reviews.

Budget Packing And More In South Florida

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